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Psycho-educational evaluations are needed when a student is experiencing difficulty in school - academically, emotionally, socially.  Depending on the individual child's situation, Dr. Lori will use research-based, age-appropriate test measures to develop a comprehensive profile of academic strengths, challenges and abilities.  She will analyze test results and provide information on the student's learning style, potential, academic needs and environment most conducive to learning.  We look for ways in which a student has the best opportunity to succeed in school.  These assessments become the cornerstone for developing effective interventions in the classroom and at home.   Testing is often recommended by teachers, tutors, academic resource personnel and school administration officials.   In many cases, parents initiate an evaluation.

Neuropsych evaluations are needed for individuals of any age who display signs of impairment in one or more neurological process: memory, learning, executive functioning, emotional regulation.  Evaluations are often requested by medical practitioners (neurologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, pediatricians) to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning.  Depending on the referral need, Dr. Lori will use research-based, age-appropriate test materials to measure cognitive and neurological functioning.