Lori Q. Chaib, Psy.D. - A positive approach to clinical psychology.

  • Individual therapy for adolescents and adults
  • Couples - marital therapy, relationship repair, divorce counseling, parent coaching
  • Family - communication and relationship work
Psychoed & Neuropsych Testing

Psychoeducational testing to rule out or identify and diagnose learning disabilities.  Evaluations are custom designed to suit your child's particular situation and may include intellectual ability and academic achievement, attention skills and executive functioning, reading, math and writing skills, auditory and visual processing memory and learning, fine motor function, visual-spatial ability, language skills, non-verbal learning disorders, autistic spectrum, emotional and behavioral disorders. 

Neuropsych testing to measure cognitive and neurological functioning related to memory, cognitive flexibility, psychological status, executive skills.  
Parent Education

Based on Adlerian principles of respect and encouragement,  "Positive Discipline" provides tools to help parents build harmonious families. This program reinforces parental practices that promote deveopment and provides alternatives for practices that may be harmful or non-productive.  Parent coaching will focus on family strengths while respecting the uniqueness of your values, beliefs and traditions. Services can be provided individually or in group format.

Classroom Consulting

Create a respectful classroom environment through social emotional earning, character education and effective discipline.  "Positive Discipine in the Classroom" provides ways to promote mutual respect, collaboration, proactive problem solving and increased classroom productivity.  Services are available for individual educators or teacher groups.