Lori Q. Chaib, Psy.D. - A positive approach to clinical psychology.

Psychoeducational evaluations are needed when a student is experiencing difficulty in school - academically, emotionally, socially.  This type of assessment (Learning Disability assessment) can help a person identify his/her learning style. If a person differs from the norm in the way they internalize, interpret, remember, and communicate information, they may struggle in the regular academic settings. A person may have average or above average intelligence, but they will have to work harder than others to achieve the same level of success. This can lead to self-doubt, a lack of confidence and the mistaken belief that they are unintelligent or lazy. Learning Disability testing can identify strengths and uncover hidden potential. Personalized and thorough psychoeducational testing can have lifelong benefits.

A Psychoeducational assessment can be helpful at any age. A classroom is not the only site where learning takes place. Whether you are learning new skills at work or in your personal life, knowing how you learn and what works best for you gives you greater control and increases your chances of success.
Depending on the individual situation, Dr. Lori will use research-based, age-appropriate test measures to develop a comprehensive profile of academic strengths, challenges and abilities.  She will analyze test results and provide information on the student's learning style, potential, academic needs and environment most conducive to learning.  We look for ways in which a student has the best opportunity to succeed in school/work.  These assessments become the cornerstone for developing effective interventions in the classroom and at home.   Testing is often recommended by teachers, tutors, academic resource personnel and school administration officials.   In many cases, parents initiate an evaluation.