Lori Q. Chaib, Psy.D. - A positive approach to clinical psychology.
What is Adlerian Therapy?

Alfred Adler was a physician, psychiatrist, philosopher, humanitarian and educator who lived along side Jung and Freud in turn-of-the-20th century Vienna.  Although Adler's name is not widely known, his original thinking about the human condition has gone on to be the most adopted, applied and borrowed.  We see his teachings in parent education, school systems, family therapy, psychotherapy, social work, public health, mental health and business leadership.  His work pioneered current methods of CBT, with a humanistic approach.

Principles of Adlerian Psychology:
1.   People are social beings.  They need to belong and contribute.
2.   People are whole beings; all aspects of life are interrelated.
3.   Work, friendship and intimacy are lifelong tasks.
4.   Every person is equally deserving of dignity and respect.
5.   All behavior has a purpose.
6.   Positive change comes from encouragement, which focuses on strengths.
7.   Children make meaning of their early experiences and act within this framework throughout their live.
8.   Personal freedoms exist together with social responsibility.

Dr. Lori has received advanced training in numerous empirically-based methods and therapies available and she employs the most appropriate intervention, depending on your individual needs.  Her work is grounded in Adler's enduring belief in human goodness and capacity for growth.